Good Thinker’s health care technology will enhance revenue cycle operations across all of the healthcare settings. With Good Thinker’s healthcare technology provider, we will be ...


You can be certain that your billing and payroll are right. Good Thinker ensures that each meeting is recorded. Everything that is billed will be ...


Our payroll system is incorporated with our scheduling system so you don’t need to worry about submitting payroll data again. Good Thinker’s payroll ensures that ...


Depending on what each payer needs, our system can monitor staff and user requirements and can be changed quickly as changes occur. Good Thinker’s system ...


Good Thinker’s user-friendly scheduling option allows you to quickly see see who is available for scheduling and build recurring schedules. Our scheduling process makes it ...

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We are able to provide clinic-based services and tools for outcome-based clinician and physicians’ care. Billing, scheduling, and tracking all with a click of a ...

About Good Thinker

Best clinical experience at a click of a button
Good Thinker is an electronic care management system that handles all aspects of finance and revenue processes, such as claims administration and verification. Good Thinker’s prominent healthcare claims system helps a variety of healthcare settings including applied behavior analysis, speech pathology, occupational, physical therapy, dental professions, and much more. Our system Is used by many healthcare professionals around the country. It boosts productivity and profits leading to efficient payment of claims. Good Thinker is distinctive because it integrates seamlessly with any practice management system. It has the industry’s most comprehensive set of features and capabilities. Also, the procedure is reduced to a three-minute operation instead of filling electronic claims.
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Our mission at Good Thinker is to use optimal technological tools to assist with best therapeutic outcomes.






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Best clinical experience at a click of a button

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Best clinical experience at a click of a button
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